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A murder. A heist. A crime syndicate.

In Justicar, four players take on the roles of the Judge, Prosecution, Defense, and Witnesses involved in the trial for a crime they create through a series of prompts & questions.

Through play they discover the twists, turns, and deeper schemes of the crime they're all here for and learn the truth behind their own mystery.

Inspired by Phoenix Wright and various courtroom procedurals and mysteries, Justicar is about creating your own TV-style role-playing experience. It can be used for one-off games or slotted into an existing campaign.

To play, you need:
4 players
Pen, paper
Character sheets

An Acknowledgement

This game is about the goings-on in a courtroom, and it acknowledges that justice systems around the world are very often garbage and designed to get people imprisoned as much as possible, and that it is often unfair towards people of color.

This game and its creator do not support or condone the real-world justice system.

This game punches fascists.

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