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Skel-IT-ons is a rules-light one-shot tabletop role-playing game based on John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings. One GM guides 1-5 players through a day in the life of their characters- skeletons who work in the IT department of some big corporate entity. Every PC is a skeleton, and every NPC is a normal human.

If you have to ask why you’re playing as skeletons and nobody’s noticed, well, you must not have worked in IT before.

A game of Skel-IT-ons takes place during the course of a regular, totally normal 8-hour work day in the life of an Information Technology professional. Players work through the day by the Hour, each of which works as a round, and try to solve (or pretend to solve) computer problems.

While it's a game about the lives of those who work in IT, you don’t need to have tech support experience to play! If you’ve worked in IT before, sure, bring some of that in- but remember, this is a game about having fun and a whole butt-load of “yes, and” for everyone. When playing: be wild, get wacky, and always keep your three goals in mind:

• "Fix" things.
• Complete your ulterior motive.
• Don’t get fired or turn to bones.


• 2-6 players (one will be the GM)
• At least 1 six-sided die (1d6)
• Pens, paper
• 1.5 - 2 hours

Skel-IT-ons is based on John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings with some inspiration from Grant Howitt’s Honey Heist, and is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license:

Art by Jack McGee @drooling_demon

Special thanks to Krusingon, Mark B Writing, HuntressXThompson, Kenneth, Fang, Helen from Accounting, and Cody.


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