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You’re in Space and Everything’s Fucked is a love letter to sci-fi cosmic horror and gore-filled splatter films.

This version of the game is for 2 players, with one taking on the role of an isolated, hostile space station while the other embodies a survivor, emergency aid, or some other unlucky fucker who’s probably going to die horribly. If the crowdfunding campaign succeeds, we'll be creating rules & guidance for more players!

You're In Space And Everything's Fucked emulates the trappings of isolation space horror video games through the lens of a tabletop role-playing game and is inspired by similarly fucked-up situations found in the Dead Space, System Shock, and Alien franchises.


This is an incomplete sampling of the final text of the game, which will be crowdfunding to fund a full print run & final release starting on March 7, 2023

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The roles:

The Station takes on the role of monsters and setting; generating both as the Struggler explores. They take a bird's-eye-view of the story and throw obstacles and objectives at the Struggler.

The Struggler fills the boots of the hapless sap that ended up in this situation. They scavenge, sneak, and generally work to survive by any means necessary in the face of horrifying creatures and untrustworthy NPCs.

In this demo:

While this doesn't have everything the final release will have, it contains more than enough for you to run either a detailed one-shot or a simple multi-session adventure. In this version, you'll find:

  • The main core mechanics & resolution system
  • Character creation
  • A simplified map generation system, including a selection of unique Setpieces
  • Details on Objectives, Items, and threats
  • A selection of Monsters generated using the final version's rules
  • A handful of generated Boss Monsters

In the final version:

Once the Kickstarter funds, we'll be releasing the full game in digital and moving on to a print run. In addition to everything listed above, the final release will include:

  • 2 books, one for the Station and one for the Struggler
  • Expanded sections for everything in the game
  • At-the-table guidance and design commentary
  • More threats, including a complete system for generating Monsters and Boss Monsters
  • Sci-fi death tables
  • Complete random map generation, including more setpieces
  • More visceral art and amazing layout
  • Guidance for playing with more than 2 people
  • Much, much more!

To play, you need:

  • At least 5 six-sided dice (d6)
  • Paper and writing utensils (or a digital facsimile)
  • Two players


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EnWorld interview with Nevyn!


I did a flip through of this on Twitch! Here's the trimmed VOD. We really enjoyed the procedurally aspect as well as how fast it is to create a character. Can't wait to see the full monster generation tables!

Candyland (in space) Actual Play with The Boardvengers

The Cult's actual play with Nevyn!

Interview with Nevyn on The Weekly Scroll!

Actual Play on The Weekly Scroll, run by Nevyn!

Party of One played an early version!


I flipped through this demo on stream and LOVE IT! Here's the vod:


Oh heck yes, Spencer! Thank you for covering it!!!

TT about the game!



I love the art, especially that robot on page 13. Also - putting the consequences chapter on pg. 13 *chef's kiss*

Might be a bit early but what's your stance on allowing hacks/third party stuff?


Thank you so much! :D

I'd like to ask for any hacks/third party content to wait until we're able to get the full version out (fingers crossed!), as there's a lot of extra goodies in there for people to play with.


Makes sense ^^


Actual Play with +1EXP

(1 edit) (+2)

I can't breath(in space) but my virginity is long gone!


Better Space game than Spelljammer