9-22-19 update

Had a few rounds of playtesting today- sorry for the rapid-fire updates if you've got notifications on!

The main change here is stat generation- it's now 1d6+3, which should lead to a more dynamic success/failure rate. The numbers are there, at least- I've got more playtesting going on to fine-tune this, though I think we're getting pretty close to as "perfect" as this goofy little idea can get, haha!


Thou Hast Beene Called Out v1.4.pdf 1 MB
Sep 23, 2019

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It's a little vague, but how do you see players working with classes?  Is this something that is self imposed on players and how they go about doing things?  Is this a thing a GM might give a bonus for if they do something within the scope of their class?  How have you seen or intend for this bit to be used?

You nailed it- it's fully intended to be in the hands of the players & GM

This download only has two pages - am I missing something or is that all there is? It doesn't seem to explain half of the rules.

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Hi Orion,

Not missing anything! It's an extremely rules-light game, and the rules that exist are all the rules there are. It's made to let you take what's there and run with it!

A quick edit to clarify- the game as written assumes you know a bit of "inside baseball". Which is to say, it assumes you already know and play some TTRPGs and are down to play something small & dumb