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A Game for one player with a deck of playing cards, 3 six-sided die, and either a lighter, scissors & tape or a red marker & a black marker.

UIT//MS is a game about dealing with the social anxiety around interacting with the same people day in, day out, over the course of who knows how long.

It takes place on a single day in one person’s life and represents the last hour or so before their work day ends.

During play you build a spread of cards that represents both the people you’re talking to and the conversations you have during that time frame.

You roll dice to determine how your character perceives the impact the conversations have on their friends, and how they themselves feel after. You answer question prompts to determine details, and you try to make it to the end of the day.


This is a game about anxiety, and playing it can lead to a headspace related to those kinds of feelings. It also involves scissors, tape, and sometimes fire (though it does have alternate rules for those events allowing markers instead). Do not use these elements if they make you uncomfortable or you cannot do them safely. Burn things in a sink with a working faucet or a cup of water nearby, and be careful to not burn yourself.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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This is a really interesting idea, but the rules book is missing vital pieces of information. There is no information about any end states of the game or what to do when a friend has been removed, something I assume is a primary mechanic of the experience.

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I like the idea but seems like I'm missing something. Sorry if the answers are obvious, I just can't find them in the rulebook. 

  1. What is the end point of the game? 
  2. What happens if some of my friends run out of energy? What if I run out of energy? 
  3. And most important - why do I need to cut or mark the cards? What if I draw the marked card again?

Help appreciated. Can't wait to try out the game!


Hey there!

1 & 2 are both mentioned in the rules- the game's over when either all your friends are out of energy, when you run out of energy, or whenever you want to stop playing. When a Friend runs out of energy, you remove them from the game and shuffle their cards into the other stacks.

For 3, it's an effect thing, an emotional whosawhatsit. If you draw the marked card again, just mark it more.


Hi! Just to point out - I'm trying to play the game and enjoying it but I couldn't find 1 & 2 in the rulebook either, so you might want to double check that?