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I tried playing this game! We set it up by having one person ask for the words for the mad lib and the other person to come up with them. It was good fun, and very entertaining, but the physical aspects were hard to do exactly as the rules described. For example, we couldn't grip each others' article of clothing with great ease as we chose "sock", so we grasped each others' shirts. We also had to break the staring contest in undramatic ways to check the dice roll rules, and to deal with the dice rolling off the table.

That said I think this game would be solid to play with:

  • A prop representing your weapon (a pool noodle?)
  • Something with walls to roll your die in

I'm also not too sure about the grasping aspect. I feel like the staring contest would be easier to hold if we weren't standing there holding a chunk of clothing too, but it did add to the funniness so I can't really complain. However if you don't want to use physical touch I think the game would be fine without it.

All in all this is pretty funny and short. If you're looking for a game like that, check it out.

Hey, thank you!

It's definitely a janky game, that doesn't work super perfectly to say the least lol. What you experienced is pretty much exactly as intended, and how it worked in my playtests

Glad to hear you enjoyed it overall, and thanks for writing about it here! :)