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A journaling game of underwater discovery by Nevyn Holmes, revitalized one year later by Julie-Anne “JAM” Muñoz.

In What Waits Beneath, you’ll be playing a game similar to the classic card game, Memory. You’ll create a 5x3 spread of face-down cards, roll and assign a handful of dice, and then flip cards to try to find treasures lost at sea.

As you play, prompts will guide you to write about your unique journeys to the depths.

Required for play

  • A journal or diary equivalent
  • 10 six-sided dice
  • A standard 52-card deck

Physical copies available at dinoberryjam.com

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorNevyn Holmes
Tagssolo, Solo RPG, swim-jam, swimming-jam, Tabletop role-playing game


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What Waits Beneath is  a game about exploring the depths of the ocean, encountering creatures and pulling up the treasures from the ocean and shipwrecks. 

You play this game by making a spread of 15 cards face down on the table, rolling 10 dice, and placing the die upon each card. For each dive you flip two cards, one will decide an event that happened during the dive  and one the treasure. If the cards match suits, you are able to bring the item to the surface, if not, you write about what happened instead. The dice then determine how well the dive went ranging from pretty bad to mediocre, to great! 

The prompts for the game are in a simple table, which allows you to adjust when and where you are doing a dive. The game is slightly fantastical as some of the prompts have you encountering siren’s songs or magic mirrors, but can easily be interpreted as metaphors if you want a game more grounded in reality. 

There is no hard stopping point  to the game, but the instructions suggest stopping when you run out of dice, or cards, or you just want to finish. It also suggests setting out on a new excursion by making a new spread. 

I went out for 15 dives and found a mask, a few coins, a mysterious locked box, an evil button, a small jewelry box, and a musical pearl before my diver decided maybe they wanted to consider a change in careers.  You can find my full playthrough here!

Ah, Kaden, thank you so much!
Your playthrough was a treat to read & follow along with~

Hi! This looks really, really cool, and I'd love to pick up a community copy at a discounted price if that's okay. I can't afford the full value due to currency issues, but I wouldn't want to grab it for free. 

hey there, thanks for the kind words!

there's not really a way to set something like that up easily on itch, so please send me an e-mail~

I did! I think it got redirected to another email (hello at dinoberrypress.com)? 

Yep, that's right! I've replied from that as well~

This game looks awesome, I saw the Dicebreaker playthrough! Love the art style. Could I possibly get a community copy?

Sure thing! Send me an e-mail and I'll send one your way~

Thank you!



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Hello! Including the covers, it's 18 pages.


Following Speak The Sky's example, here's another twitter playthrough! :)

Had a lot of fun with this!


Here's a twitter play-through! Ordin, the cleaner of the Imperial Duck Pond, scavenges treasures and junk for a self-obsessed emperor. Ah, but the creatures in the pond aren't ducks...